Why Play Slots

Have you ever noticed the crowd in front of the slot machines when you enter a casino? Yes, there will not be much when you compare it to the crows around the poker or blackjack table. This is because serious gamblers do not perceive slots as a game worth spending time or money on. They are keener on the more serious games where the bets and risks are higher. So, why do you see many slot machines in every casino? And almost always with a 'bonus' or 'jackpot' sign?

Here are a few reasons why casinos promote slots


The bonus payout or jackpot is hit very rarely and only after a number of spins. Most people don't wait around for this as they don't have the time or patience. People who do wait around end up spending more than the amount they actually win. As a result, the casino earns more than what it gives out.


When people are spending time playing the slots, they eventually tend to use other facilities in the casino. More the number of people using their facilities - more is the income and popularity of the casino. There is harmony and less chaos within our casinos. These are the facilities available here.

Slot Machine

Slots are mainly played by the not so serious gamblers who don't mind spending some time and money to have some fun. These people come to the casino wanting to experience the environment and to have fun without going broken Casinos don't want to miss out anyone who enters their premises.

Bet Amount

The bet amounts are very small and when people play this, they don't realize the amount of money spent until they actually sit back and calculate. Also, since one can use small denomination coins in these machines, one is tricked into believing, they are hardly spending any money.


Have you ever wondered why one seems to be addicted to the slots despite not earning anything out of it? Here are a few not so obvious reasons that have people hooked on this harmless yet addictive game:The amount spent is very little. Everyone discounts coins and small change and slots use exactly these denominations.

Why The Addiction

With just a thousand dollars, one can play for hours on these machines, unlike the poker table, etc. as you get to spend more time inside the casino, playing continuously, without burning a hole in your pocket, you are tricked into believing you are getting a good value for your money. There are a number of slot machines, thus having a machine almost always free for a person to start playing at. Since you are not required to wait around, you start playing this and eventually get hooked on to it as you are not required to dissolve or start a fresh game, like at other tables.


The sheer act of spinning the wheel or pulling the lever takes an adult back to their childhood days and reminds them of the fun they used to have. There were no serious consequences when one pulled such levers at a carnival and there are no serious consequences now as the bets are very small.

The display has many colors and figures to keep one interested. The colorful figures spinning and coming to a halt is a visual treat and has your adrenaline rushing. People get addicted to this rush and want to keep doing it.


This game is based on pure luck. There are no calculations, face reading, etc to be done here. One can just cast aside their inhibitions and pull down the lever or press the button. It is simple, uncomplicated and tempting. When you see all those pennies or money inching towards the edge, you want to keep trying till it all drops down and become your money. You can't just accept that your money is all inside in front of your eyes but not in your reach. You just want to give it 'one last try' to see if you are lucky enough to get it all. The slots are tempting, fun, innocent and highly addictive. The rush one gets from playing this game is different but still contagious and good enough to keep the person hooked to it for hours.